Our Mission

The mission of Schutz American School family is to provide a premier education empowering all of our students to pursue their passions as confident global citizens.







The US Presbyterian church in Egypt
established the school in 1924 for
the children of missionaries. In time,
other American and international
families joined the school.


We like to think we are just the right size. Our campus was built for a student population between 200 and 400 students. We are exclusive by rule and assessment who we allow to join family. We look for those students and families that embrace the Schutz Learner Profile, want learning to be a challenge, and make the world a better place.


Schutz has a graduate profile for our students. We work as a team, parents, students, and teachers to help every student succeed and pursue their dreams and passions. Our students graduate and go on to further their education at the university that best their talents and needs.

LOCATION: Alexandria, Egypt

Schutz American School is located near the Four Season Resort and just a short distance from the famous Alexandria Corniche. Over almost 100 years a bustling and busy neighborhood has grown up around Schutz. We work hard to be a good neighbor and give back to the neighborhood in many ways!


Our highly qualified, certified, and experienced teachers are the difference between Schutz and other schools in our region. In addition we only employ the very best in local hire staff. We have the highly effective staff and the ratio to give your child the individual attention they need to succeed.

Inquiry and Collaborative Primary Teaching Approach

Schutz provides an individualized education to each and every child. We deliver this premiere education through an inquiry based teaching approach. Each of our classrooms is student centered and focuses on students developing agency and collaboration skills in all they learn. Schutz students are successful learners no matter where they are in the world.