Premier Facilities

We know that students do not just learn in the classroom. Student learning and development of the Schutz Learner Profile occurs in all aspects of our school. We are committed to providing the very best educational experience possible for your child. We offer modern and up-to-date collaborative classroom learning environments equipped with furniture and technology that meets the needs of a wide range of learners. From stand-up desk to ball seats we strive to ensure our classrooms are designed around meeting student needs. We provide a one to one lap-tops or tablets to all students from kindergarten to grade twelve. Schutz’s infrastructure includes a fiber optic network and one of the fastest wireless systems in the city. Our technology also includes a design and engineering lab with our own 3D printer. Dedicated science lab for chemistry, physics, and biology. A purpose built Early Childhood Learning Center on the first floor of the elementary school provides large spaces for young children to explore, play, and share as they go about their exciting day.

Our art programs have large spaces for students to explore many different types of media and includes our own kiln for firing our poetry projects. Drama and acting are also unique aspects of Schutz. With a “black-box” theater for practice and small programs in elementary school and our auditorium for bigger productions our students have the opportunity to explore fun and classical works each year. We have a dedicated choir/music room built specifically for students to discover their inner singer.

The only library in the city that has a better selection than our own is the Bibliotheca of Alexandria. Our libraries provide a wide collection of literature both hard copy and digitally to our students so that they can explore and discover the world through literature.

One of our key commitments to our community is to provide opportunities for our students to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. From after school activities to formal sports events Schutz provides a space for it all to happen. While our sports facilities are packed into our space, we make the most possible use of them; and we ensure they are always maintained to the highest possible standard. Schutz has been and continues to be the leader in organizing youth school sporting events across the city. We provide one of the only grass sports fields in the city.

Schutz provides an amazing culinary experience for our community. A cafeteria, canteen, and coffee bar that feeds over 200 people a day. With a wide range of chiefs and food choices, a student at Schutz has many choices.