Head of school's message

Welcome to Schutz American School! Schutz has a long and rich history of providing a well-rounded and rigorous education to our students.

We focus on developing an “internationally minded” youth who can be successful anywhere in the world. In today’s ever-changing environment, it is important for a school to prepare students for jobs and challenges that we cannot foresee. One of the most successful and wealthiest businessmen in the world, Jack Ma, founder and chairman of Alibaba Group, stated in 2018 that education had to shift from imparting just knowledge to facilitating learning environments that help students develop creativity, global visions and a sense of responsibility. Schutz American School is a student-centered school focusing on the needs of each individual learner.

Schutz has always been a small school. Our size allows us to get to know each one of our students and develop a deep and meaningful relationship. This relationship helps us deliver a tailored and individual learning experience.

We seek out and recruit teachers from all over the world to find the very best staff. We also seek out those local professionals in education who share our values and beliefs of learning to build a cohesive team. Our staff are constantly working to improve their techniques, skills, and knowledge in a collaborative environment, in order to facilitate the strongest learning environment possible. Schutz is pursuing International Baccalaureate Authorization in the Primary Years Program and the Middle Years Program.

“Schutz is family!” This has been the school’s motto for many years and continues to be true today. We seek to have our parents as partners in the education of our students. We know that parents are the “best expert” on their child and with a strong partnership between the parent and the teacher(s), we can help develop and grow amazing young learners.

Schutz American School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. We have been serving the needs of families in Alexandria and in the Middle East for over 93 years. Our college placement, SAT, and NWEA MAP scores place at or above the norms for international schools in our region. The success of our educational program is well documented by tracking the success of graduates. This includes Dame Nemat Shafik, one of the leading economists of the 21st century. She is currently the director of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

The Schutz campus is a combination of modern and updated facilities dating back to our first days as a retreat center. We have advanced internet connectivity, modern science labs, and the best athletic facilities in the city. We have a purpose built Early Childhood center and large elementary classrooms with natural light and plenty of room to implement inquiry and collaborative learning. Our grounds provide plenty of space to play and run. We pride ourselves on small classroom sizes and the personal attention our students get from our highly professional staff.

We invite you to reach out and contact us so that we can tell you more about our historic and amazing school. We know you will want to join this family as well.

Michael E. Schooler
Head of School