The mission of Schutz American School family is to provide a premier education empowering all of our students to pursue their passions as confident global citizens.


Identity Statement

Schutz American School is a non-profit, U.S. accredited, college preparatory school. SAS educates the whole person, promoting service and action, in a family environment that is safe, caring, and supportive.

School Motto: “Schutz is Family”

AIMS (are the accountability for progress toward the mission)

Identity: all our students will discover their passions and grow in understanding of their personal strengths. Competencies: all our students will achieve educational outcomes that are challenging and relevant, motivating them to go beyond.

Agency: all our students will contribute as confident global citizens.

Schutz Core Values


Respect Compassion
Responsibility Integrity

Strategy Statement: #1

We will develop, enhance and implement programs to ensure all of our students embody our values and meet or exceed our standards.

  • End Result #1: We provide a consistent, challenging, relevant, and engaging curriculum to all students in an inquiry-based learning environment.
  • End Result #2: We provide standards-based Arabic and world language programs.
  • End Result #3: Schutz expands and enhances support program(s) that addresses the varied needs of all students.
  • End Result #4: Service learning is implemented across all grades/divisions in a structured and systematic way.

Strategy Statement: #2

We will cultivate a culture within the Schutz community that supports all students’ pursuit of the mission and core values.

  • End Result #1: Schutz students embrace and continually pursue the Schutz Learner Profile traits.
  • End Result #2: All members of the Schutz community understand and support our mission and core values.
  • End Result #3: Schutz’s commitment to strategic community service is ingrained in our school culture.
  • End Result #4: Schutz parents understand, are involved in and supportive of their child’s educational and extra-curricular endeavors.
  • End Result #5: All Schutz students believe English will give them the potential and capacity to succeed in a global society.
  • End Result #6: The Board will operate with strategic planning to ensure the community has the supports and resources needed to achieve the mission and core values


Parameters: We will not …

  1. Accept any new programs and service unless it contributes directly to our mission and aims.
  2. Accept any new program or service unless it is accompanied by the staff development needed.
  3. Tolerate any behavior which diminishes the dignity of any person or group.