Schutz History

Where did the name “Schutz” come from? In German, the word means “protection,” a good name for an educational institution.

The school, as well as the district location in Alexandria, carries the name of one of the many wealthy landowners who owned property in the Raml area in the second half of the nineteenth century. Mr. Schutz, described as Anglo-Dutch, was a businessman who donated a strip of property to the Alexandria tram company.The tram stop for the area is called Schutz and the main street is Schutz Station Street, Sharia Mohatat Schutz in Arabic.

The US Presbyterian church in Egypt first bought the property in 1921 and later established the school in 1924 for the children of missionaries working in Egypt, the Sudan and Ethiopia. In time, other American and international families joined the school. Schutz became independent in the 1960’s and now operates as a private non-sectarian school for all students requiring an English language, pre-university education. The school is self-supporting with most of its income from tuition.

Schutz is an Office of Overseas Schools U.S. Department of State supported school. It is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools.