What makes Schutz unique?

Schutz’s staff is the key component to the success of our organization. All our expatriate teachers are certified and highly experienced.

Schutz’s highly professional and qualified staff our the foundation of our long history of success.  We are dedicated to finding the very best teachers for our classrooms from around the world. All of our expatriate teachers are certified/endorsed and come with years of experience and most with advanced degrees.  We seek out student –centered educators who believe in an inquiry teaching approach. Educators who seek to develop the academic and social/emotional learning of the whole child. 

We provide a wide range of learning supports for our students:

  • School-wide counselor
  • Learning Support Teachers in each division
  • English as an Additional Language staff, assessments, and interventions
  • On-line speech and physical therapy through a recognized leader in the field.
  • A Special Programs Coordinator that works to ensure we meet the needs of all our learners
  • On-line learning for meeting the needs of a wide range of students who may need advanced classes.
  • Support for highly competitive youth athletes to focus on their passion within their sport and still be part of a strong academic community.

Schutz is an American School and we sue the US Common Core standards taught through a systematic and vertically aligned inquiry based curriculum.  Schutz is pursuing the International Baccalaureate candidacy at the Primary Years and Middle School Years.  

Schutz offers a very rich and flexible Advanced Placement (AP) program, at the High School, tailored to meet the needs, interests and aptitudes of modern high school students. In 2018, 69 AP exams in 11 subject areas were taken by 29 students, representing 46% of the high school student body. 69% of the scores were equal to or greater than 3.

Schutz offers some rare and often unique classes, e.g., Engineering; AP Art, which features an international field trip; AP Economics; Journalism; Information Technology (IT). IT is an essential part of our life today.. We have a 1:1 program: each student in grades K-12 has a personal Chromebook or tablet. 

Schutz American School is a closed testing center: only  Schutz students have the privilege to test at Schutz. SAT, ACT and AP tests (we are the only school in Alexandria that offers AP) are offered at Schutz.