Early Years Program (Pre-K and Kindergarten)

At Schutz, we value and respect each individual child as unique, strong, rich in potential and capable of constructing knowledge.

Children experience the world with their families, peers, homes, and travels, through social contexts and cultures, and they bring these experiences to school.


Together with caring and collaborative early years educators, children at Schutz participate in meaningful investigations and inquiries, anchored by the Primary Years Program (PYP) framework and the Schutz learning process that is concept-based and inquiry-driven, with the learner at the center of the learning process.

Our early years program, for ages 2-6, values play and relationships as a driving force for inquiry learning. Children’s wonder and curiosity are key to their social and cognitive development and this curiosity motivates each child to explore his or her own questions and theories in a safe and enriching learning environment, both indoors and out.


Children are supported in their expression and use all their senses to make meaning through many symbolic processes, including movement, painting, transformation, mathematics, drawing, mark-making, socio-dramatics, building, sculpture and sound/singing/rhythm. These areas of expression help to build a strong cognitive, social, and communicative foundation for future learning in the elementary years and beyond!