Faculty and staff

We conduct world wide searches for our professional teachers. Our teachers represent the very best teachers from around the world. Schutz Board and leadership promise all our families that our teachers will be western certified, highly experienced, and dedicated to each students individual success. Our local hire staff are rigorously screened and interviewed to ensure we find local professionals who have the right mindset and values to work at Schutz.

Debbie Bacon
Kindergarten Teacher
Deborah Lacroix
Pre-K3 Teacher
Dina Maari
Grade Five Teacher Assistant
Farah Fakhry
Grade One Teacher assistant
Ingy Ragab
Pre-K3 Teacher Assistant
Jeff Ahmad
Grade Four Teacher
Kate Wallace
Grade Five Teacher
Katie Coulter
Gr-1 Teacher & Instructional Coach
Mandy Kistler
Grade Two Teacher
Michael Laughlin
Grade Three Teacher
Nagla Hassan
Grade Two Teacher Assistant
Noor Renfroe
Grade One Teacher
Ritam Samaha
Grade Three Teacher Assistant
Yasmen Elhassa
Grade Three Teacher
Yasmine El Shafei
Grade Four Teacher Assistant
Yasmine Ihab
Grade Three Teacher Assistant
Andrew Wood
Math & Science Teacher
Kyle Teague
Science & PE Teacher
Rhonda Smith
Language Arts Teacher
Sara Kelty
Social Studies Teacher
Tahany Mohamed
MS Teaching Assistant/SSP Teacher
Deepesh Shrestha
Math & Science Teacher
Elizabeth Otani
Language Arts Teacher
Ken Derby
Director of Inquiry Learning & Instructional Technology/LA Teacher
Nick Murga
AP World History Social Studies Teacher
Trey Bell
Science & Engineering Teacher