High school

The High School philosophy at Schutz American School is based on the school’s Learner Profile and the school’s mission to provide a premier education empowering all of our students to pursue their passions as confident global citizens.

Our High School serves students in grades 9-12 with approximate class sizes between 18 and 20 students. Students  play an active role in the learning process, the establishment of essential agreements that guide all learning and behavior expectations, and we promote student agency, defined as the power to take meaningful and intentional action, acknowledging the rights and responsibilities of the individual, supporting voice, choice and ownership.

The High School curriculum is rigorous and relevant grounded in the liberal arts and sciences and provides our students classes in Language Arts, History and Social Studies, Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences, Computer Science, World Languages, Fine and Performing Arts, and Physical Education. In addition, the school offers a varied and rigorous Advanced Placement (AP) program to students willing and able to apply themselves to college-level studies and to provide the means for colleges to grant credit or placement to all who have successfully completed the AP courses and earned the minimum required scores on the AP exams.

The curriculum is supplemented by a rich variety of extracurricular activities and clubs, organizations, and sports.