Athletic program

Schutz American School believes that athletics are a positive and powerful motivator for students to perform better in all facets of school life.

Athletics is one way for our students to grow and mature as healthy, well-rounded and socially well-adjusted citizens. By encouraging commitment, determination and teamwork we feel that our students will benefit greatly as they will apply these skills in other areas of their life. We truly hope that the students will take advantage of the athletic opportunities offered to them in order to make their school career a richer experience. We have great sports facilities for safe and spirited play.

Our Athletic program is open to students from Pre K through grade 12.The objective of the Athletic program at SAS is to provide our students an opportunity to be involved in athletic activities in order to develop a positive character-building experience outside of regular school hours. SAS’s goal is to establish one of the most varied and disciplined sports programs in Egypt, CISSA (Cairo International School Sports Association) and ISAAA (International School Activities Association of Alexandria) leagues with participants who value identify with and practice the Athlete Code of Conduct, below.

Local Association

SAS students in all age groups (U9, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18) have the opportunity to compete in the 10 team school local league (ISAAA) in Alexandria. These schools include: International School Egypt, British School of Alexandria, International School of Alexandria, Riada American School, Lycee Francais, Deutsche School, and Alexandria International Academy, GEMS Academy, Future Schools and Forsan International School. Local schools compete in Basketball, Soccer, Swimming and Volleyball.

National Association

SAS also competes in CISSA West division and includes American International School of Egypt, British International School of Cairo, British School of Egypt, International School of Choueifat- Cairo and El Alsson British and American School. We also have a special relationship with Cairo American College.

International Association

Schutz has a long tradition of competing internationally in the former METS (Middle East Triangle Sports Conference). Jordan, Lebanon and Bahrain remain potential destinations for international competition. Schutz has recently been a guest school in ISSEA (International Schools of Southern and Eastern Africa). Schutz also competes in the Mediterranean Cup held in Verona, Italy for U11 and U14 soccer competitions.

SAS Team sports are eligible to grade 3 through grade 12 students with 3 seasons of sports during the school year. More information about the type and schedule of sports that are available will be distributed prior to each season. SAS works within the international and domestic league seasons which facilitates practice and competition each season. SAS does not offer year round, one sport clubs at any age level.

Schutz American School Athletic Code of Conduct summary:

  • I acknowledge that maintaining academic standards is my first priority over athletic programs
  • I cooperate with my coach, my teammates & my opponents
  • I applaud all good plays ( of my own team & that of my opponent)
  • I work hard for my team and give 100%
  • I treat all players as I would like to be treated
  • I never argue with officials
  • I always compose myself
  • It is fun to be around my team, my coach and me


Schutz offers the following sports facilities: a covered court for basketball and volleyball, an open court for volleyball and basketball, a small soccer pitch, a swimming pool, a weight room, and a fitness room for Yoga, Zumba, and other stretching activities. A small room is also available for mat activities.