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Welcome to our school Libraries!

Schutz Libraries and Media Center

Schutz American School libraries prepare students to become the future leaders of the world; courageous, knowledgeable, open-minded inquirers and thinkers who show resilience, integrity and responsibility.

Our vision is to empower and inspire all students. The libraries ensure that students have access to a high quality, dynamic, well-resourced school library that meets educational needs while supporting curriculum. The library is the center of the school community with the purpose of nurturing the imagination while promoting lifelong learning. The Schutz school libraries ensure that staff and students are effective users of information and ideas.

Welcome to our quiet zone, where you can read, work, or research.

Schutz American School has two separate Library sites on campus : the Elementary School Library in Walters Hall and the Middle/High School Library in Meloy Hall. Our Libraries are considered a school resource center open to all students, faculty and staff members on school workdays. Parents are welcome to use the libraries and check out books as well. In order to support the school mission, the Libraries provide students’ access to a variety of print collections and effective online learning tools in a flexible learning environment. The goal of our library program is to provide an engaging and supportive student learning center that promotes information literacy skills and a love of reading, by guiding students to find “just right” books. The libraries also provide a variety of flexible learning spaces and setups in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Our libraries strive to suit all learning platforms as well as meet our student needs.

“ Let us remember:
One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.” Malala Yousefzai.

ES Library:

The Schutz Elementary School Library serves our Early Childhood through Grade 5 classes. All classes visit the library for book checkouts as part of their regular weekly schedule. Library resources at this level are used to enrich, inform, entertain and support inquiry for our younger students by providing them access to a wide variety of fiction and informational materials. These include a fantastic selection of picture books, beginner readers, “chapter” books and nonfiction books, periodicals, audio, ebooks as well as online resources.

MS/HS Library:

The Schutz MS/HS School Library serves our middle school through senior classes. All classes visit the library for book checkouts as part of their regular schedule. It is our goal to support literacy in the school, as well as enrich, inform, entertain and support inquiry for our students. We provide students with a large variety of fiction/non-fiction books, periodicals, audio and ebooks, as well as online resources. Some classes visit the library during their silent sustained reading (SSR) period. They also come to the MS/HS library to attend research classes that assist them with selecting reliable resources, working on proper citation, generating a professional essay outline, and learning methods to check for plagiarism.

Multinational Resources :

In an attempt to prepare our students to be global citizens, Schutz American School has –

for the first time in its history – provided Arabic books for students. French newspapers/ magazines to follow soon. This was a service confined to classroom libraries in previous years. Students can now read in more than one language.

Databases in the Library :

Schutz Libraries offer a great selection of digital resources that are updated annually. These online databases provide students with up to date information from hundreds of different reliable sources.

For more info about database resources click here

Students use either their individual chromebooks or computer workstations in the ES library to search for resources.

These databases are available from home or school at all times. Passwords are posted in the libraries and students can obtain a copy of these upon request. Students are expected to keep these passwords confidential for their own personal use.

Other Services offered by the Libraries :

To further meet our goals, our libraries sponsor a number of special events during the school year that include reading incentive programs, Poetry Month, and opportunities to purchase books through Book Fairs and book clubs. Our Libraries also facilitate Academic Challenge tournaments, World Scholar’s Cup practices, and after school book club meetings.

How Do Students See the Library :

The library is a place that I frequently visit due to how quiet a place it is. It allows me to read without being disturbed and finish any homework that I have to do. “ Yahya Khamis – A Senior.

Hours :
The libraries are open from 07:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m,
Sunday to Thursday, including breaks and lunchtime, for reading, research, and studying.

For more information about our libraries please email one of our Librarians:
Librarian : Michele McPeacke
Assistant Librarian MS/HS : Azza Said :

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