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Meet the Admission Coordinator

Karen Basmadjian
The Admission, Communication & Registrar Coordinator at Schutz American School.

Has a Bachelor of Art in Tourism and Hotel Management from The Arab Academy for Science and Technology of Alexandria.

Joined Schutz American School in 2009.

Karen is fluent in English, Arabic, Armenian and knows French.

+2 (03) 574-1435 / 576-2205
+20 109 980 2457

Admission FAQs

Thank you for your interest in Schutz International School. We are honored that you are taking the time to learn about Schutz .

Who is eligible to apply for admission?

Schutz American School admits qualified expatriate students throughout the year. All candidates, regardless of nationality, should meet the entry requirements of the grade level for which they are applying. At least one parent, legal guardian or designated adult of the student(s) applying for admission should reside in Alexandria and be able to communicate in English.

Will the applicant need to be tested before being admitted?

Yes. Pre-Kindergarten – KG students are assessed by their class teachers, Gr.1- Gr. 12 students are tested by the admission coordination in English and Mathematics using a MAP test (Measure of Academic Progress) on a computer.

Is there an application deadline?

No. We have a rolling admissions policy so there are no deadlines for application, however an early application will ensure against disappointment.

What does a school day look like?

Classes begin at 8:15 AM, and finish at 1:30 PM for Pre-K2 to Pre-K4
Classes begin at 8:15 AM, and finish at 3:00 PM for Kindergarten to Grade 12

At what age are children accepted to Pre-Kindergarten?

By August 30th of a given academic year, students should be the following ages:

Pre-K2: 2 years old
Pre-K3: 3 years old
Pre-K4: 4 years old

Is bus service available to and from school?

Yes. Within Alexandria.

Does SAS ask for an application fee?


Do you accept students during the school year?


How do I start the application process?

Please click on Application Procedure page to begin your application form.