Tuition and Fees 2016-17


Pre-K3 $6,191
Pre-K4 $6,191
Kindergarten $10,302
Grades 1-4 $11,648
Grades 5-8 $13,892
Grades 9-12 $14,515


Registration Fee – (Paid once upon entry) $3,500
Deposit – (Refundable when leaving) $500
Application Fee – (Paid once upon entry) $100
Facilities Fee – (Paid annually) $650
Technology Fee – (Paid annually) $250
Chromebook Fee – Grades 6-12 – (Paid annually) $150

Optional Fees

Bus Service - (Any increase in fuel cost will be added) 6,600 EGP / year 

Cafeteria Service (Lunch charges are paid directly to the Finance Office as a separate item. The costs may be pro-rated monthly at daily rate of EGP 45 per day)

8,100 EGP / year


  • The registration fee is payable immediately after acceptance of the student into the program.  Payment of this fee guarantees that a place will be held for the student.
  • Fees are payable with the first tuition installment of the academic year.
  • No portion of the fees or tuition is refundable as per school policy (P3.060).
  • Tuition for students who enroll after the beginning of the school year will be pro-rated on quarterly basis.  Charges will be adjusted to reflect full payment for all or any part of a quarter that the student attends class.
  • All tuition and fees listed in US dollars must be paid in US dollars.
  • Chromebook fee is for rental of Chromebook, repairs or replacement will be as per Chromebook handbook.

Methods of Payment

  1. Bank Deposit
  2. Bank Draft or Personal Check on a local Bank or a US Bank
  3. Wire bank transfer
  4. Credit Card


  • Collection fees will be charged to payment by checks and Credit Card, wire bank transfer should be received in full.
  • A late fee (3 %) will be charged monthly for all payments received after the published due date; September 30th for 1st Semester & all fees; January 31st for 2nd Semester tuition.
  • $50 fee will be charged for Checks returned for non-payment.

Please note that Schutz American School is an independent non-profit school.  We operate only on the income generated by tuition and fees.