Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Parent leadership is essential in order to develop school strengths, help identify and solve problems, and build a partnership between parents and school. An involved parental influence helps education flourish and children thrive. The PTA is a support organization for the school, within the Schutz family. The aim is to foster a sense of support, pride, and enthusiasm as a way of influencing the success of our children’s educational environment. The PTA provides an open forum for discussion by parents, students and staff members (teaching and non-teaching), giving them a voice in the decision making process. They also facilitate social occasions to help enhance the community spirit at SAS, sometimes in the form of fundraisers. Funds raised are used in positive ways such as helping enhance facilities, providing scholarships, and helping fund extra curricular activities. Parents are welcome to attend all meetings and events. Meetings are generally held once a month. Check the school calendar for meeting dates and special events. We encourage all parents to become involved in the PTA.

Schutz PTA e-mail: